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Iconic Ray Ban Sunglasses Making Waves for Decades

Ray Ban is undoubtedly the most iconic brand of sunglasses. Established in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb, the name is always counted among the greatest. When Ray Ban eyewear becomes the point of discussion, some of their trendsetting designs strike the mind always, particularly Aviator sunglasses. They’ve been putting utmost stress on quality for decades and that’s why their designs are in huge demand even today. Ray bans are not just about good looks; they offer several amazing benefits to the wearer. This doesn’t mean that they don’t look spectacular, just that there is abundant sophisticated technology supporting those looks for the best possible experience.

The immense popularity of Ran Ban sunglasses can be credited to their history. It was when Lt. John A. Macready came back from a balloon flying trip and expressed discontent regarding how the sun had damaged his eyes severely, the idea for Ray Bans originated. The Lieutenant asked Bausch and Lomb to produce sunglasses that would not only ensure protection from the sunlight but also look fashionable. The company took out a patent on May 7, 1937 and there was no looking back for the brand since then.

The ‘Aviator’ actually got its name from the lens shape, which very much looks like the shape of the flying spectacles that Ray Ban provided to the USA army. These specs were perfect for pilots because of the presence of reflective surface on the teardrop lens. Several references to the military making use of the Ray Ban Aviator have been made, but nothing is more prominent than General Douglas MacArthur who put on them while landing on the Philippine beach during World War II.

The Aviator became even more popular when many celebrities started to endorse it. The notable among them are Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise, who put on them throughout the classic movie ‘Top Gun’ released in the year 1986. In sharp contrast to several other fashion trends, the Ray Ban Aviator has stood the test of time quite well and has been the most sought-after fashion accessory all over the world. You can still come across lots of celebrities wearing them, not to mention countless military personnel, police and pilots.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer marked the arrival of a new trend in 1952. The traditional metal frames in glasses were replaced by the tough, lightweight plastic ones for the first time. Although the popularity of this Ray Ban eyewear came down during the seventies, they made a tremendous return in the early eighties because of profitable product placement in movies and music videos in conjunction with upgrading the style in groundbreaking and vivid colours, but not at the expense of the classic black. At times cited as the most popular design in history, these Ray Ban glasses have been enjoying one more striking comeback since the mid-2000s.

To conclude, Ray Ban sunglasses are not only known for their unmatched quality and elegance, but for their high end commercial advertising and product placement as well.